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Music For These Changing Times

Sweneo - Cuddle in the Cosmos
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A "Cuddle in the Cosmos" with these gals is a journey of musical style, thought, and mood.  It's a reaching for more heart, a feeling of lightness and a deep search within ourselves.  Inspiring tears, laughter and thought, one can find a personal touch of healing in their music.  These messages are calling, calming, and sometimes humorous.  

Multi-instrumentalist Deb Criss plays guitar, mandola, and banjo while writing the majority of the music.  Her voice and words are the lilting language of the past and future that weaves towards a peaceful presence.  She offers a uniqueness with her singing high above the clouds and deep in the earth.  Roberta Greenspan's fiddling is raw, in a natural state before being tamed.  From frenzied improvisation to a deep lull of lushness, she offers Appalachian fiddle tunes to mesmerizing lullabies and everything in between.  Her percussions may surprise you at times!

Together, these gals have played festivals, theaters, bar rooms, colleges, and live radio shows.  Together and separately they have toured the US and beyond.  Their previous band, The Buckerettes, was well known throughout the Southeast, producing two CDs, playing to sold out shows, and reaching new heights when their music was selected for NPR rotation in the western states.  

Cuddle in the Cosmos offers a new collection of music and songs, both universal and dear to their hearts. 

We invite you to take a listen and come see the show!

Starseeds and walkins welcome!

What music means to us

Roberta Greenspan

As a child, I sang and fiddled because I yearned for unnamed rewards. There is a depth of being one with the music, where every note can enter and vibrate in all cells of your body.  And a width in music in that it is immediate, all consuming, and available to everyone on some level.   Whether you are a composer, song writer, singer or listener, there is a sense of creativity and connectedness.  With music, you’ll walk with a jingle in your step, and sound that will completely fill up and spill over in your heart. 

Deb Criss

"Music is tones that help one glide through dimensions.  When tones, rhythm, and messages are mixed it can be a vehicle of transformation that melts rigidity or anxiety. Music can also enhance both the positive or the negative. It is a universal language, beyond our conditioning of this seeming reality. I feel, that it is also a responsibility, creating a vibration that we can put out into the universe."

"Gratitude fills my heart  to be able to express through music."

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