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Deb Criss and Roberta Greenspan have been
music compadres for more than 25 years!

Deb Criss

Guitar, Mandola, Banjo, Vocals, Songwriter

Guitar and saxophone were Deb’s forte in Just Passin' Through, a dance band playing throughout Florida. Later she was based out of East Tennessee with a band called Chaparone who toured the southeast and Virgin Islands.  Composing original songs that have a self reflective flare and/or promoting care for our planet took precedence as Deb's career matured.  Deb had a solo and duo act touring college festivals and clubs for many years before she was a founding member of the well known Crimes of Fashion, Asheville’s first 5 piece, all women, 80’s rock band. Later Deb headed up Grandmother Thyme, a unique Folk/Americana band of all originals with violin, dulcimer, guitar, bass and percussion.  The Buckerettes then emerged as a political, humorous, yet reflective cowgirl band. In 2006, NPR took their music on rotation in 11 western states.


Deb has produced 5 of her own CD’s emphasizing spirituality, healing, and intimacy and contributed to the production of 2  Buckerettes CD’s. 


Radio Stations Deb and Roberta Were Heard On

WXPN, Philadelphia PA

WNCW Rutherforton NC

WUSF, Public Media, Tampa Fla.

CDs Produced

Plant Bones

Second Helping

Heart Beat

Sex Temples

The Buckerettes 

Live and Unfenced (Buckerettes)

Roberta Greenspan

Amazing Fiddle and vocals!

Roberta has been fiddling since she was way shorter than she is now!  Her favorite time to fiddle as a youth was at 3 AM when she would drown out the ringing in her ear that woke her in the first place.  She had a great ear for music, listening to the radio and singing harmonies with her dad.  Playing violin in high school as well as jamming with friends bolstered her ability to improvise and play out.  In addition to playing in the University Orchestra in Delaware, she was the fiddler for Vic Sadot crazy planet swampgrass and the County Agents bands in college.  She was invited to tour the streets of Europe, which she did as a duo and solo act. She has played with singer songwriter Nancy Day, toured the west coast with human and environmental rights advocate Alice DiMicele, and more recently played and toured with Grandmother Thyme, The Buckerettes and now Cuddle In The Cosmos.  On a last minute whim, she entered the University of West Virginia fiddle contest and without backup instrumentation, she won the Best musical Feud in the state of West Virginia in 1983. 

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