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All Toward the Love
by Cuddle in the Cosmos

“All TowardThe Love” was written and designed for these changing times. The messages, go deep encouraging self reflection, and the ability to embrace change.

The instrumentation, with emphasis on the violin leads, supported by mandola, banjo and guitar, helps to weave between the conscious and unconscious, with unique designs.

At times, there will be a dash of comedy along with new perspectives, in how to view “seeming”chaos, as we grow through, to new paradigms.

Roberts Greenspan is featured on the violin, a long time professional, who has played with many well known artists. She has toured in the USA and Europe.

Deb Criss writes the songs, and plays, guitar, banjo, and mandola. Deb has toured in the USA and Virgin Islands, and has produced six cd’s.

Both Roberta and Deb have been in several bands, both together and separate, playing festivals and concert halls.

Both Roberta and Deb co write the instrumental leads.

River Guerguerian, a well known world percussionist, is featured on drums and percussion.

Catherine Faherty, plays frame drum and percussion.

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